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The Top Ten Grammatical Mistakes in Academic Writing and How to Correct Them

Introduction Academic writing can be challenging, but it is crucial to communicate ideas effectively. Instructors grade not only on content but also on how well students express their ideas. Errors in grammar or punctuation can be distracting, reducing the quality of writing. Therefore, proofreading academic writing is essential for students to achieve good grades. Here […]

Begin and Start

Begin and start are almost the same, but there is a small difference between this two words.If you like to sound formal english language

Verbal Properties of The Gerund

Used as a verb, the gerund has tenses and active and passive forms:

The Use Of Participles

The participles are used to form compound verb forms -  the present participle in progressive and the past participle in perfect and passive forms.

Use of Numerals in English Language

Numerals in english language can be Cardinals and Ordinals.The cardinal numerals are one, two, three, etc.The ordinal numerals are ..

The Present – Conditional Sentences

Conditional Sentences expressing a condition which cannot be fulfilled in the present, i.e. at the moment of speaking, or the possibility ...

List of Adverbs

List of Adverbs | Adverbs are words that usually modify — that is, they limit or restrict the meaning of—verbs. They may also ...

Say – Tell

Say - Tell | Say is used with the actual words spoken :He said: " I don't think so."She said : " Bring me the book, will you ?"

Indirect Commands

The direct imperative is replaced by the to-infinitive in the reported speech. Therefore most often used verbs in the main sentence are ..

Indirect Questions

Indirect questions - When reporting questions, the reporting verbs say or tell are replaced by ask, inquire, wonder or want to know.