Gender is a category of noun. A noun can have a masculine, a feminine, or a neuter gender.
In English language there is no grammatical gender, but logical division of nouns according to sex.


Masculine    /ˈmaskjʊlɪn/ – male beings

Feminine     /ˈfɛmɪnɪn/      – female beings

Neuter         /ˈnjuːtə/          – things or ideas

Gender English Grammar

Gender English Grammar


Gender may be indicated by:

Different words:

Masculine Feminine
father mother
boy girl
gentleman lady
cock hane
horse mare



By formation of compounds with different words:

Masculine Feminine
son-in-law daughter-in-law
landlord landlady
gentleman lady
he-bear she-bear



By adding -ss to the masculine:

Masculine Feminine (-ess)
lion lioness
author authoress
host hostess
he-bear she-bear



By changing -or or -er into -ress:

Masculine Feminine
tiger tigress
actor actress
waiter waitress



A considerable number of nouns in English may denote either males or females:

singer slave artist person
writer parent lover witness
student friend prisoner child

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