In English all words for things which have no sex and abstract notions are considered as neuter.

Example of Neuter Gender 

tress                             computer                     television

telephone                    road                              train

house                            table                             book

smile                             wish                              happiness

pencil                           year                               bus


Neuter Gender

Neuter Gender


All animals, insects and birds are considered as neuter, but they are often referred to as masculine or  feminine:

Example of Neuter Gender animals

This cat is beauty.  She is clever to.

This is David’s dog.  He is very smart.



The larger and bolder animals are considered as male, the smaller and weaker as females.

Example of Neuter Gender 

The mouse said that she would help the lion. He said that he was very thankful to her.

The names of countries, cities, universities and the word  mother-country are usually referred to as feminine, especially when country is not considered as a mere territory, but as a political entity.

Example of Neuter Gender  – countries, cities, universities.

United States of America breeds men to fought for her.

United Kingdom was colonial empire, many territories  are colonized  in her name.


Things as cars, locomotives, ships, boats and other modes of transport are often spoken of as if they were feminine.

Example of Neuter Gender  – transport, cars, ships

Look at this boat, isn’t she a real beauty?

This red car is fast, but she had been overtaken by blue one.

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