English Language Grammar

English grammar is the way in which meanings are encoded into wordings in the English language. This includes the structure of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and whole texts.

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Verbal Properties of The Gerund

Used as a verb, the gerund has tenses and active and passive forms:

Need – Dare

Defective verbs – Need / ni:d / and Dare. The ver need is used as a defective verb and as a regular verb. The defective verb need has only the present tense, takes no -s in the 3rd person singular.

Reported Speech

What is reported speech in English language ? When we repeat something said by another person, we can quote his actual words:

The Use of the Definite Articles

The definite article the is used before common nouns used in a particular sense.   Examples  The book on the table is yours. The answer is correct. The Moon is full. The girl you met is my sister.     […]

The Plural of Compounds

The Plural of Compounds | Compound nouns form their plural by adding -s to the principal word. In compounds with man/woman both words are pluralise.


The construction be + to-infinitive also denotes a future activity already planned. This form also denotes obligation, intention or what should be done.

The Simple Present Tense

The simple present tense denotes a future activity which is considered as a part of a programme already fixed. It is usually accompanied  by some adverbial.

The Use Of Verb Forms

The Use Of Verb Forms | English Language Grammar, Dictionary, Definitions, Meanings, Synonyms, Phrasal Verbs and much more

The definite article before the superlative

The definite article are used before the Superlative. Examples : The definite article before the Superlative She is the prettiest girl in the class. This is the best game that I ever see. I am the best among us. The […]

Comparison of Adjectives

Comparison of Adjectives | There are two ways of comparing adjectives.

Omission of the definite article

Omission of the definite article it’s happen before nouns used in a general sense. Examples  Life is short Time waits for nobody. Time is money.       If abstract nouns are used in a particular sense, the definite article […]

Can & May

Can and May, are two verbs that have only the past tense and the present tense. Verbs may and can express – ability, capability.

According to

According to Incorrect: According to me, he should have go home earlier. Correct : In my opinion, he should have go home earlier

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All right and alright

The standard spelling is all right, but alright is more common although many people consider it incorrect.

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Any and some

Both some and any  suggest an indefinite number or amount of something. Some is more common in affirmative clauses. Any is used in questions and negative clauses.

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Adjectives ending in -ly

Adverbs is used to modify verbs. Most adverbs ends  with  –ly, but there are also a adjectives that ends in – ly. Example: costly, friendly ..

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