English Language Grammar

English grammar is the way in which meanings are encoded into wordings in the English language. This includes the structure of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and whole texts.

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Neuter Gender

In English all words for things which have no sex and abstract notions are considered as neuter. All animals, insects and birds are considered as neuter, but they are often referred to as masculine or  feminine.

The definite articles before names of the rivers, seas, oceans and chains of mountains

Before names of the rivers, seas, oceans and chains of mountains. It’s good practice to use the word river / lake before to avoid ambiguity.

The Future Perfect Tense

The future perfect tense indicates a future activity which will be ended by a definite moment or period of time.

The Past Perfect Progressive Tense

The construction of the past perfect progressive tense: had + been working The past perfect progressive tense denotes past activity which had been going on for some time before another past activity took place.   Examples We had been running […]

Indirect Commands

The direct imperative is replaced by the to-infinitive in the reported speech. Therefore most often used verbs in the main sentence are ..


Participles are verbal adjectives, so they may have both adjectival and verbal properties.In english language there are two participles ..

The Present Perfect Tense

The present perfect denotes a future activity in a temporal clause. Such an activity always covers three periods: the past, the present and, the future

The Imperative Mood

The Imperative Mood express a command, a order, a request, a warning, or an invitation. Examples Let’s go !Hurry Up !

The Comparative and The Superlative

The comparative in comparison can be emphasized on two ways, by repetition and with far, still, much a great deal so much.

Have, Has & Had

Have, Has & Had | Difference between has, have and had ? Have is all the other persons in the present tense of the verb to have. Have is used by …

The definite article before the superlative

The definite article are used before the Superlative. Examples : The definite article before the Superlative She is the prettiest girl in the class. This is the best game that I ever see. I am the best among us. The […]

Verb Formations

Verb Formations | Verbs ending in -y preceded by a consonant change -y into -ie before -s in the 3rd person singular of the simple present Language Grammar, Dictionary, Definitions, Meanings, Synonyms, Phrasal Verbs and much more

Cloth and clothes

Cloth is the material used for making clothes. Clothes are things you wear. His clothes are made of expensive cloth.

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Ask and ask for

Ask for -  ask somebody to give something Example - Ask for He asked me for a loan. They asked four dollars for the coffee.

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Here you can find one very common punctuation mistake of using because in English language :   Correct Incorrect She didn’t come to work today.  Because she doesn’t feel good. She didn’t come to work today because she doesn’t feel […]

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Difference Between Right and Wright

Grammatical Category Right is a noun, adjective, adverb and a verb. Wright is a noun.   Meaning Right can mean Morally correct or acceptable Opposite of left Legal entitlement etc. Wright is a builder or maker.   Usage Right is […]

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