English Language Grammar

English grammar is the way in which meanings are encoded into wordings in the English language. This includes the structure of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and whole texts.

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Used – Past Time

Used refers to a  past practice or habit or state and is often used to indicate that something was done or existed in the past that  is not done or does not exist at the present

Must – Ought – Should

Must express a necessity, a command or a probability. Ought to and should express moral obligation or a probability. Verb ought is more emphatic than verb should. Verb should is often used when subject is asking or giving advice. Also should often indicates a recommendation rather than obligation.

The use of the indefinite article

The indefinite article a / an is used only in the singular. Examples  Hi is a nice boy. Do you have a pen? It’s a nice car, isn’t it? Are you looking for a fork? Can I get please, a […]


Participles are verbal adjectives, so they may have both adjectival and verbal properties.In english language there are two participles ..


Numerals in english language can be Cardinals and Ordinals.The cardinal numerals are one, two, three, four, five, etc. The ordinal numerals

Say – Tell

Say – Tell | Say is used with the actual words spoken :He said: ” I don’t think so.”She said : ” Bring me the book, will you ?”

Defective Verbs

Defective Verbs | Defective Verbs  in English language are – can, may, must, ought, should.Common characteristics of these verbs

The Past Progressive Tense

The past progressive tense mostly indicates that a past activity was in progress at the time when another activity occurred.

The Future Perfect Tense

The future perfect tense indicates a future activity which will be ended by a definite moment or period of time.

Comparison with more and most

Long adjectives are compared by means of more and most:

The Passive Voice

The Passive Voice is very important in English language. Only transitive verbs can form a passive.

Use of Numerals in English Language

Numerals in english language can be Cardinals and Ordinals.The cardinal numerals are one, two, three, etc.The ordinal numerals are ..

Because and because of

  We already know that because is subordinating conjunction. That means function of because is to join two clauses and is followed by verb and subject.   Examples We could go out for a walk because it’s beautiful weather. I […]

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The shortest sentence with all the letters

What is the shortest sentence with all the letters of the English alphabet ? English alphabet has 26 letters.

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All and every

How to use All and every in English Language ? Every is used with a singular noun.All is used with a plural noun.

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“Don’t” and “doesn’t”

Difference between "Don't" and "doesn't"? Don't and doesn't are contractions. Don't is a contraction of do not,  and doesn't is a contraction of does not.

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