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The Present Perfect Tense

The present perfect denotes a future activity in a temporal clause. Such an activity always covers three periods: the past, the present and, the future

The Future Progressive Tense

The Future Progressive Tense denotes an activity which will take place in a definite future moment or period of time. The definite moment/period is either expressed in the sentence or clearly indicated by context or situation.

The Simple Present Tense

The simple present tense denotes a future activity which is considered as a part of a programme already fixed. It is usually accompanied  by some adverbial.

The Present Progressive Tense

The present progressive tense denotes an activity whis is planned to take place in the future. Construction of the present progressive tense :

The Simple Future Tense

The simple future tense denotes an activity which will take place in the future, definite or indefinite.shall + infinitive will + infinitive

Past Participle

The past participle denotes a completed past activity when it shortens a clause. HAVING + PAST PARTICIPLE, HAVING BEEN + PAST PARTICIPLE

Would – Past Time

A habitual  past activity can be expressed in English by the verbs used. Would is used for all persons, singular or plural with the bare ...

Used – Past Time

Used refers to a  past practice or habit or state and is often used to indicate that something was done or existed in the past that  is not done or does not exist at the present

The Past Perfect Progressive Tense

The construction of the past perfect progressive tense: had + been working The past perfect progressive tense denotes past activity which had been going on for some time before another past activity took place.   Examples We had been running for one hour before we start to feel tired. We had been living in Australia […]

The Past Perfect Tense

Construction of The Past Perfect Tense : had + worked The past perfect tense denotes a completed past activity which happened before another