The Comparative and The Superlative

The comparative in comparison can be emphasized on two ways, by repetition and with far, still, much a great deal so much.

Comparison with less and least

  The comparison with less and least in english language is very similar as in comparison in most of the languages around the world. Examples of comparison with less and least This is the least acceptable amount of money. They were less expensive than we expected. This is less important than you think. Are this […]

Comparison with: as + positive + as

The comparison with as + positive + as indicates two or more persons or things of equal quality. Examples of the comparison with as  We are happy as they are! Your car is good as ours! She is beautiful as she’s sister.   In negative sentences as + positive + as is often replace by […]

Irregular comparison

Here you can see some examples of irregular comparison in english language grammar.

Comparison with more and most

Long adjectives are compared by means of more and most:

Comparison of Adjectives

Comparison of Adjectives | There are two ways of comparing adjectives.