Indirect questions – When reporting questions, the reporting verbs say or tell are replaced by ask, inquire, wonder or want to know.


Interrogative sentences not beginning with a question word are connected with the main clause by conjunctions if of whether in reported speech.



Are you saying for dinner? David asked me if/whether I am staying for dinner.
Can you come tomorrow ? She asked whether she could come the following day.
Is she at home ? David asked if she was at home ?
Do you speak English ? She wondered if I spoke English ?

The world order of reported questions is the same as in a simple statement.

In questions introduced by a question-word  ( who, what, when, which, why, how )  this word serves as a link between the introducing verb and the reported question.


David said to me : “Why don’t you go to work ?” David asked me why I didn’t go to work.
He said to the man: “Where are you going ?” He inquired of the man where he was going.
I said: “Who is working with you ?” I asked who was working with you.
Why did you say that ? They wondered  why i had said that.

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