Say is used with the actual words spoken :

He said: ” I don’t think so.”

She said : ” Bring me the book, will you ?


Say is never used with an imperative in reported speech. It is replaced by: ask, order, tell, want to,….



He said: ” Close the door, please .” I was told to close the door.
She said: ” Take this book.” I was asked to take this book.
She said: ” Give me the spoon. “ She wanted me to give her the spoon.
He said: ” Bring it here. “ He ordered me to take it here



The verb Tell is never used with the actual words spoken.

A personal object is always present.



He said: ” He will come soon .” He told me that he would come soon.
She said: ” She has just gone.” The told me that he had just gone.
He said to them: ” I can borrow you money, if you like. “ He told them that he could borrow them money if they liked.

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