Conditional Sentences expressing a condition which cannot be fulfilled in the present, i.e. at the moment of speaking, or the possibility of which is unlikely to be fulfilled.


In English, conditional sentences expressing a condition in the present are in the simple past tense – should / would + infinitive :


If + past tense should
+ inf
If I had money I should go



If I had money, I shall go to South Africa.

If he finished job now, he would tell us what to do

If I accepted this offer, what would you think ?

If she wasn’t so busy, she would play with us.

They wouldn’t be in difficulty if they took you advice now.

If I got the chance, I should go to Australia.

Conditional Sentences

Defective Verbs | Defective Verbs  in English language are - can, may, must, ought, should.Common characteristics of these verbs

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