Numerals in english language can be Cardinals and Ordinals.


The cardinal numerals are one, two, three, four, five, etc.

The ordinal numerals are first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc.


The ordinal and cardinal numerals you can check here – Numerals.


Other important things about numerals in english language are:



Nothing is chiefly used as the name of the numeral 0 ( zero ).



Zero is used for 0 especially in mathematics and for temperature.


0 / əu /
0 is used in telephone numbers. But Zero is used in American English instead of 0.


Nil or nothing 

Nil or nothing are used in football or sports results.


Love / lʌv /

Love is used in tennis result.


Nought 0

In English language Nought is the name of numeral 0 .


FC Liverpool won  2-0 / two nil or two ( to ) nothing against Manchester United.


Novak Djokovic leads by 30 – 0 (thirty love) against Roger Federer.


In writing there is a hyphen between tens and units:

– seventy-two,

– a/one hundred and thirty-five,

– nine hundred and fifty-two



The spoken form of the numeral hundred is alway followed by and:

105     – a / one hundred and five
645    – six hundred and forty-five
1352  – a / one thousand, three hundred and fifty-two

Both in cardinals and ordinals, and is used after hundred, thousand, milion, when immediately followed by tens and units.


When writing figures, and is not used.


With numbers from 1000 to 9999 the comma is optional, after 10,000 the comma is obligatory. With millions, a comma or point may be used:

10,000,102  – ten million and hundred and two
7,000,002    – seven million and two
4,300,000  –  four million, three hundred thousand


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