In English language there are six infinitives with transitive verbs and four with intransitive.

Infinitive forms of a transitive verb


Active Passive
Pres. simple to form to be formed
Pres. progressive to be forming /
Perfect simple to have formed to have been formed
Perf. progressive to have been forming /



Infinitive forms of an intransitive verb

Active Passive
Pres. simple to sit /
Pres. progressive to be sitting /
Perfect simple to have sit /
Perf. progressive to have been sitting /


An infinitive may be used with or without the particle to.


An infinitive without to is known as the bare or plain infinitive


To is pronounce /tu/ before an infinitive beginning with a vowel, but /tə/ before and infinitive beginning with a consonant.

The Use of The Infinitive

Defective Verbs | Defective Verbs  in English language are - can, may, must, ought, should.Common characteristics of these verbs

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