Beat and win

Difference between Beat and Win !


You can beat someone in something. Beat is usually followed by an object which refers to the person you are playing or fighting against.


My friend always beats me at video games .
Good to know english language grammar

Good to know english language grammar


Win is usually refers to things like money or prize.  You can win a race, an argument, a game. If you are Winston Churchill you can win a war .etc. Win, like beat, can also be followed by an object.


He won the first prize in the Eurovision competition.
I always win when we play darts.

Ago and before

Ago and before - How to use Ago and before in English Language . Incorrect Correct: I finished a project three days before

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Difference Between Right and Wright

Grammatical Category Right is a noun, adjective, adverb and a verb. Wright is a noun.   Meaning Right can mean Morally correct or acceptable Opposite of left Legal entitlement etc. Wright is a builder or maker.   Usage Right is commonly in usage. Wright is going out of usage.

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