The Passive Voice is very important in English language.

Only transitive verbs can form a passive.


The passive voice is used :


  • When the doer of the action is unknown:

The email is send yesterday.

He was forced to go home.

I’ve been told to come.

She was taken to hospital last week.


  • If the doer of the action is unimportant:

He was much loved.

She was sent overseas.

He was elected president.


  • If we do not want to mention the doer of the action:

I was told not to do this.

He was told to leave office.

Beer was spilt all over the table.


  • When we want to stress the doer of the action, then doer takes end position in a sentence:

He was called by mother.

The song was written by David Bowie.

The thief was punished by law.



This page is about The Passive Voice.

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