English Language Grammar

English grammar is the way in which meanings are encoded into wordings in the English language. This includes the structure of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and whole texts.

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The Use of the Definite Articles

The definite article the is used before common nouns used in a particular sense.   Examples  The book on the table is yours. The answer is correct. The Moon is full. The girl you met is my sister.     […]

Say – Tell

Say – Tell | Say is used with the actual words spoken :He said: ” I don’t think so.”She said : ” Bring me the book, will you ?”

Use of Numerals in English Language

Numerals in english language can be Cardinals and Ordinals.The cardinal numerals are one, two, three, etc.The ordinal numerals are ..


There is no doubt that articles are adjectives since they modify the nouns after them. But articles have some special significance as determiners.  Articles determine the standard of nouns.

The Passive Voice

The Passive Voice is very important in English language. Only transitive verbs can form a passive.


Participles are verbal adjectives, so they may have both adjectival and verbal properties.In english language there are two participles ..

Indirect Commands

The direct imperative is replaced by the to-infinitive in the reported speech. Therefore most often used verbs in the main sentence are ..

The Past Progressive Tense

The past progressive tense mostly indicates that a past activity was in progress at the time when another activity occurred.

The Simple Present Tense

The simple present tense denotes a future activity which is considered as a part of a programme already fixed. It is usually accompanied  by some adverbial.

The definite article before ordinal numbers

The definite article also is used before ordinal numbers.   Examples : The definite article before numbers Thursday is the fourth day of the week. The twentieth first century. the first the second the third the fifth the eighteenth the […]

The Present – Conditional Sentences

Conditional Sentences expressing a condition which cannot be fulfilled in the present, i.e. at the moment of speaking, or the possibility …

The noun – PEOPLE

The noun people may be used in the plural or in the singular.
The noun people in the meaning of men and women always requires a verb in the plural:

Difference Between Intention and Goal

  Intention   An intention is an idea you plan to carry out, while a goal is an aim or objective that we work toward with effort and determination.   Goal   A goal is an aim or objective that we work toward with […]

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The shortest sentence with all the letters

What is the shortest sentence with all the letters of the English alphabet ? English alphabet has 26 letters.

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Between and from

People often make mistake when use to after between. Like in this example: The concert will be held between 9 to 11pm. - Incorrect

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Between and during

Between and during can be used when we describe something connected to some events.   Example The Great Depression took place between The Great War and World War II. During World War II Japan occupied China. Between 1941 and 1945, […]

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