Idiom Of The Day

for Sun 15 / May / 2022

Idiom Meaning

a reverse in position

when something is true even in the opposite order

expression meaning ‘the reverse is also true’



the wrong way round

Idiom Example

I do not like my sister’s new husband, and vice versa.

I am tired of spending time with my family, and vice versa.

Mothers infected by dengue may have babies with higher risk of severe Zika, and vice versa.

“There are times when I’m really happy and I write something really sad, and vice versa.” — Juan Gabriel

The engineers have just discovered a new device by the help of which are able to transfer from VHS tapes to DVDs and vice versa.

She does not trust him, and vice versa.

Idiom Origin

Sorry, origin for vice versa is missing!

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