Change of tense

Change of tense in english language

The first verb in a sentence establishes the tense of any verb that comes later.

If you begin writing in the past, don’t change to the present.

Similarly, if you begin writing in the present, don’t change to the past.



In the story, the king loses his kingdom, but he regained everything in the end.



In the story, the king loses his kingdom, but he regains everything in the end.



The team won yesterday, but goes and loses this afternoon.



The team won yesterday, but went and lost this afternoon.

Beat and win

Difference between Beat and Win !   You can beat someone in something. Beat is usually followed by an object which refers to the person you are playing or fighting against. Example My friend always beats me at video games .   Win is usually refers to things like money or prize.  You can win […]

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Bath and bathe

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