close and shut

Difference between close and shut

There is little difference of meaning between close and shut.

Shut/close your eyes.

Can you close/shut the door?

They close/shut the shops at 8 o’clock.

Cases where close is preferred:

We close (and not shut) roads, letters, bank accounts, meetings etc.


You should close your existing account before opening a new account. (NOT You should shut your existing account …)

Beat and win

Difference between Beat and Win !   You can beat someone in something. Beat is usually followed by an object which refers to the person you are playing or fighting against. Example My friend always beats me at video games .   Win is usually refers to things like money or prize.  You can win […]

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Back and again

Back suggests a return to an earlier situation or a movement in the opposite direction when used with a verb.   Examples of Back Give me my book back. Take your money back. Put the glass back on the shelf with others .   On the other hand, when used with a verb, again suggests […]

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