Born and borne

The passive form of the verb born (be + born) is used to talk about coming into the world at birth.


  • – He was born to poor parents.
    – I was born on a Friday.
    – She was born in Italy.


Borne is the past participle form of the verb bear. It is sometimes used to mean ‘give birth to’ or ‘carry’.

  • – She has borne eight children. (= She has given birth to eight children.)

Across and through

The difference between across and through is similar to the difference between on and in.

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Adjectives ending in -ly

Adverbs is used to modify verbs. Most adverbs ends  with  –ly, but there are also a adjectives that ends in – ly. Example: costly, friendly ..

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Fun fact

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This page is about Adjectives ending in -ly.

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