Between and among

/ bɪˈtwiːn ənd əˈmʌŋ /

We use between with two or more clearly separate people or things.


She choose between Jake and Jesse.
It’s  a big difference between a bridges on the river.
What is the main difference between a motorcycle and a bicycle?


Among is used when we want to make reference to a group of people, who have something incoment and we don’t want to separate them.


It is always nice to be among friends.
The rabbit is hidden among the tall grass.

If we are using word difference, then after it’s alway going between, never among.

Back and again

Back suggests a return to an earlier situation or a movement in the opposite direction when used with a verb.   Examples of Back Give me my book back. Take your money back. Put the glass back on the shelf with others .   On the other hand, when used with a verb, again suggests […]

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“Don’t” and “doesn’t”

Difference between "Don't" and "doesn't"? Don't and doesn't are contractions. Don't is a contraction of do not,  and doesn't is a contraction of does not.

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Fun fact

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This page is about “Don’t” and “doesn’t”.

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