Beside and besides

/ bɪˈsʌɪd end bɪˈsʌɪdz /

Beside  means ‘next to‘ something or ‘by‘ something it’s a meaning of beside. And beside is a preposition.



I sat beside my beautiful wife.
Who is that singer who was beside David on stage ?


Besides is similar to “as well as” and we can used to add new information to what is already known.


Besides David Bowie, Pink Floyd it’s also great English band.
Besides PHP I also know how to write programs in JS.

Any and some

Both some and any  suggest an indefinite number or amount of something. Some is more common in affirmative clauses. Any is used in questions and negative clauses.

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Adjectives ending in -ly

Adverbs is used to modify verbs. Most adverbs ends  with  –ly, but there are also a adjectives that ends in – ly. Example: costly, friendly ..

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Fun fact

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