Back and again

/ bak ənd əˈɡɛn/

Back suggests a return to an earlier situation or a movement in the opposite direction when used with a verb.


Examples of Back

Give me my book back.

Take your money back.

Put the glass back on the shelf with others .


On the other hand, when used with a verb, again suggests repetition.


Examples of Again

I really like this song. Please, play it again.


Between and during

Between and during can be used when we describe something connected to some events.   Example The Great Depression took place between The Great War and World War II. During World War II Japan occupied China. Between 1941 and 1945, the Ustasha regime of Croatia carried out government-led collaboration with the Nazis. This resulted in […]

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Born and borne

The passive form of the verb born (be + born) is used to talk about coming into the world at birth.   – He was born to poor parents. – I was born on a Friday. – She was born in Italy.   Borne is the past participle form of the verb bear. It is […]

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