Anyhow and somehow

/ ˈɛnɪhaʊ ənd ˈsʌmhaʊ /

Doing something In one way or another, on way not yet known, is somehow, while anyhow is ( manner ) in any way or manner whatever.


Example of anyhow

He keeps his things anyhow in his desk.
He may not come but anyhow I shall

Example of somehow

I managed to do it somehow.
She somehow finished chocolate cake.

Because and because of

  We already know that because is subordinating conjunction. That means function of because is to join two clauses and is followed by verb and subject.   Examples We could go out for a walk because it’s beautiful weather. I make this cake because I like it.   Because  can come before or after the […]

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Beat and win

Difference between Beat and Win !   You can beat someone in something. Beat is usually followed by an object which refers to the person you are playing or fighting against. Example My friend always beats me at video games .   Win is usually refers to things like money or prize.  You can win […]

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