Anyhow and somehow

/ ˈɛnɪhaʊ ənd ˈsʌmhaʊ /

Doing something In one way or another, on way not yet known, is somehow, while anyhow is ( manner ) in any way or manner whatever.


Example of anyhow

He keeps his things anyhow in his desk.
He may not come but anyhow I shall

Example of somehow

I managed to do it somehow.
She somehow finished chocolate cake.

Bath and bathe

The verb bath is used in British English mean – ‘wash ( yourself or someone) in a bathtub’.   Example Dogs should bath regularly. (GB English)   On the other hand it is different in American English. Americans Instead of the verb bath are using the expressions ‘have a bath’ or ‘take a bath’.. Example […]

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According to

According to Incorrect: According to me, he should have go home earlier. Correct : In my opinion, he should have go home earlier

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