Any and some

/ ˈɛni ənd sʌm /

Both some and any  suggest an indefinite number or amount of something.


Some is more common in affirmative clauses.
Any is used in questions and negative clauses.


Examples of some and any

– I need some bread.

Examples of some and any in Q&A

Question: Have you got any bread?

Answer: Sorry, I haven’t got any bread.

Between and from

People often make mistake when use to after between. Like in this example: The concert will be held between 9 to 11pm. - Incorrect

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Difference Between Right and Wright

Grammatical Category Right is a noun, adjective, adverb and a verb. Wright is a noun.   Meaning Right can mean Morally correct or acceptable Opposite of left Legal entitlement etc. Wright is a builder or maker.   Usage Right is commonly in usage. Wright is going out of usage.

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