Alternate and alternative

Alternative means – instead, something different.

We will build an alternative project if these one don’t work.
We have to finish this. There was no alternative.

Alternate means ‘every second’ or ‘in turns’.

She only comes to lunch on alternate days.

Beside and besides

Beside  means ‘next to‘ something or ‘by‘ something it’s a meaning of beside. And beside is a preposition.   Examples I sat beside my beautiful wife. Who is that singer who was beside David on stage ?   Besides is similar to “as well as” and we can used to add new information to what […]

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Here you can find one very common punctuation mistake of using because in English language :   Correct Incorrect She didn’t come to work today.  Because she doesn’t feel good. She didn’t come to work today because she doesn’t feel good.   Reason why is this using of because is wrong is this – because […]

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