All right and alright

Which is correct All right or alright ?

The standard spelling is all right.


But alright is more common in informal writing,  many people consider it incorrect.

Editors and Teachers will always consider it incorrect.


Although it is best to spell it as two words: all right.

At first and first

At first is used to talk about the beginning of a situation. At first is often followed by but. In any other cases, we usually use first.

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Big, large and great

We use big and large with concrete nouns – the names of objects which we can see or touch. In an informal style, big is more common than large.   – He has got big / large feet. – They have a large / big house in the city.     We use great with abstract nouns – the names of things which we […]

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Fun fact

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This page is about Big, large and great.

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