According to

How to use According to ?

According to

  • Incorrect:
    According to me, he should have go home earlier. 
  • Correct:
    In my opinion, he should have go home earlier


We do not give our own opinions with according to

Between and during

Between and during can be used when we describe something connected to some events.   Example The Great Depression took place between The Great War and World War II. During World War II Japan occupied China. Between 1941 and 1945, the Ustasha regime of Croatia carried out government-led collaboration with the Nazis. This resulted in […]

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Between and among

We use between with two or more clearly separate people or things. Example She choose between Jake and Jesse. It’s  a big difference between a bridges on the river. What is the main difference between a motorcycle and a bicycle?   Among is used when we want to make reference to a group of people, […]

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