Begin and Start

Begin and start are almost the same, but there is a small difference between this two words.If you like to sound formal english language

Because and because of

  We already know that because is subordinating conjunction. That means function of because is to join two clauses and is followed by verb and subject.   Examples We could go out for a walk because it’s beautiful weather. I make this cake because I like it.   Because  can come before or after the […]


Here you can find one very common punctuation mistake of using because in English language :   Correct Incorrect She didn’t come to work today.  Because she doesn’t feel good. She didn’t come to work today because she doesn’t feel good.   Reason why is this using of because is wrong is this – because […]

Beat and win

Difference between Beat and Win !   You can beat someone in something. Beat is usually followed by an object which refers to the person you are playing or fighting against. Example My friend always beats me at video games .   Win is usually refers to things like money or prize.  You can win […]

Bath and bathe

The verb bath is used in British English mean – ‘wash ( yourself or someone) in a bathtub’.   Example Dogs should bath regularly. (GB English)   On the other hand it is different in American English. Americans Instead of the verb bath are using the expressions ‘have a bath’ or ‘take a bath’.. Example […]

Back and again

Back suggests a return to an earlier situation or a movement in the opposite direction when used with a verb.   Examples of Back Give me my book back. Take your money back. Put the glass back on the shelf with others .   On the other hand, when used with a verb, again suggests […]

Avenge and revenge

These two words can  often be confused for non english speaker.While revenge means  "action taken in return for an injury or offense" .On the other hand -  To 'avenge Iron Man' means to ‘punish someone who has hurt Iron Man’.

At first and first

At first is used to talk about the beginning of a situation. At first is often followed by but. In any other cases, we usually use first.

Ask and ask for

Ask for -  ask somebody to give something Example - Ask for He asked me for a loan. They asked four dollars for the coffee.

Anyhow and somehow

Difference between Somehow and Anyhow. Doing something In one way or another, on way not yet known, is somehow, wh