Comparison of Adverbs

Adverb that can be compared from their comparatives and superlatives in the same manner as adjectives, i.e. in two ways:1) by adding -(e)r

Adverbials of Time

Adverbials of time refer to definite time or indefinite time. Adverbials of definite time Now, then, today, tomorrow, yesterday, etc.At noon, in the morning, a moment ago, on Monday, in May, in 1975, this week, next year, last autumn, etc.

Adverbials Of Place

Adverbials of Place are :Here, there, where, over, east, west, south, north, at home, at church, in class, in bed, etc.

Adverbs of manner

Adverbs of manner Well, bad, hard, fast, quick, ill, slow, slowly, straight, perfectly, easily, somehow, deeply, etc.


Adverbials comprise both adverbs and adverbial phrases. According to the meaning adverbials are classified as adverbials of place, time, number, degree, manner,  etc. It's very difficult to determine the position of adverbials in the sentence. However, there are some fixed rules about adverbials.