The Imperative Mood express a command, a order, a request, a warning, or an invitation.



Let’s go !

Hurry Up !

Let’s begin !

Stop !

Don’t !


The emphatic form of the imperative is expressed by the imperative mood of the verb to do placed before the main verb:



Do be quiet !

Do be fast !

Do tell me the story about Alice !

Do stop doing that !



When the imperative mod is used the subject is not usually expressed .

Commands can be  give to more than one person and then – you stands before the imperative.


Also,the Indefinite pronouns – everybody, everyone or somebody ,  may be used in indirect commands and have the initial or final position in the sentence.


Take your staff !

Come here !

Sit down everybody !

Call a doctor somebody !


The pronoun you may be used for emphasis, or to express emotions. eg.,impatience, annoyance.


You mind your own business !

You clean up your room !

You are grounded !


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