In English language two progressive forms in passive are used.

  1. The Present Progressive Passive
    I am being asked.
  2. The Past Progressive Passive 
    I was being asked.


The present progressive passive is used for actions in progress at the moment of speaking:


A electric power road is being built in Australia.

Plans are being made to build nuclear power stations on the planet Mars.

Lunch is being prepared for kids.


The past progressive passive is used for :

  • an action that lasted for some time in a definite past period and


    The build was being built last year.

    Some new project was being planned last month.

    Last week some new flowers was being seeded in a garden.


  • for an action in progress at the time when another action occurred.


Lunch was being prepared when we arrived at hotel.

My bicycle was just being repaired when I come to take it.

The finale game was being finished when when I turn on a TV.


The verb to get is sometimes used in spoken English instead of the verb to be .

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