A noun is a word that represents a person, place, idea, or a thing. Everything we can see or talk about is represented by a word. That word is called a “noun.” You might find it useful to think of a noun as a “naming word.”

In English language, a noun can be categorized a common noun or a proper noun.


Common Noun

A common noun is the word for a person, place, or thing. It’s the word that appears in the dictionary.





Noun English Language Grammar

Noun English Language Grammar

Proper Noun

A proper noun is the given name of a person, place, or thing. It’s likely to be a personal name or a title.







A proper noun always starts with a capital letter:






It’s easy to  understand  difference between common and proper nouns by following example:

are the following:


Common Noun Proper Noun
girl Mary
musician David
city Melbourne
dog Aki
bridge  The Sydney Bridge


The noun PEOPLE

The noun people may be used in the plural or in the singular.
The noun people in the meaning of men and women always requires a verb in the plural:

Collective nouns

Collective nouns are used with a verb in the singular or in the plural according to the sense. Such nouns are the following: staff /stɑːf/ council /ˈkaʊns(ə)l/ family /ˈfamɪli/ class /klɑːs/ public /ˈpʌblɪk/ army /ˈɑːmi/ navy /ˈneɪvi/ government /ˈɡʌv(ə)nˌm(ə)nt/ crew /krəʊ/

The Plural of Compounds

Compound nouns form their plural by adding -s to the principal word: sister-in-law sisters-in-law vriting-table vriting-tables editor-in-chief editors-in-chief passer-by passers-by   In compounds with man/woman both words are pluralise: man fiend man friends journalist journalists woman woman woman doctor women doctors   Compounds ending in -man , change -man into -men in the plural. There […]

The Plural of Nouns

In the English language nouns are divided into countables and uncountables according to whether they can be counted or not. Countables Uncountables student bread dog butter flower happiness table love   As a rule the indefinite article a/an precedes only countables in the singular. Examples Father give me an apple. A girl wants to see […]

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